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God Bless The Little People's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
God Bless The Little People

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Short Menswear Designer Won't Design for Short Men! [03 Apr 2010|01:15am]

This past week was Fashion Week in Toronto, and I was covering the shows for my blog.  I attended a menswear show and was fortunate enough to meet the designer afterwards.  The guy was TINY - barely taller than me (I'm about 5'2") - so the most logical question was whether he'd ever do an extension of his line especially for guys under 5'8" (even if it's just a few pieces)....he was all about going to the tailor, even though I am VERY, VERY SURE he knows that tailoring doesn't always work.  He also wears his own clothes, so it's not that he doesn't know how to reproportion things for shorter men!  Sad.

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BCBG XXS dress and shoes - some of my latest outlet finds [07 Mar 2010|02:23pm]

Thought I'd show you one of my latest finds from the outlet malls.  The dress is BCBG (likely from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection) in XXS and the shoes are from Nine West (surprisingly, I was able to find a size 5...at an outlet mall.  That is often next-to-impossible!!).  The original post of this can be found in my blog, Shorty Stories.
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the glass is half full [19 Jan 2010|03:41am]

The other day I was trying on a ton of clothes (I work in a boutique, so I always have fun trying on all the new stuff!), and out of the 15 or so items I tried on, only like two or three fit well. This wasn't a surprise, as this is usually the case, but for the first time I realized, "Hey, it's actually a GOOD thing that most of the stuff didn't fit, because if it did then I'd be tempted to buy it all!" I can definitely relate to all the frustrations of stuff not fitting well due to being of a petite size, but I was happy to think of an optimistic take on the matter. haha

On a related note, do the rest of you have issues with rompers/one-piece jumpsuits/playsuits? They seem to be really popular right now, and I love how they look--on other, taller people. haha But whenever I try to wear one, it's always super baggy and too long so it just makes me look frumpy and stumpy. haha
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Selling Brand New BonitoChico & Lollyrouge items [20 Jun 2009|02:17pm]

Selling items by BonitoChico and Lollyrouge

All items Brand New and selling at Discounted Prices.

Grey Military Frock
Oooh this playful military dress is so versatile and fuss-free!
Made of cotton jersey and comes with braided straps, smocked back and an elasticized waist
Belt not included
Measures 11.5"-15.5" PTP, 29" down
$27 mailed
$24 Mailed

Sailorette Frock in Black
Nautical stripes will never go out of style!
This pretty and girly number had many of us raving.
A simple yet outstanding frock that is easy to throw on when youre fretting over what to wear,
and running late for school or for that all-girls-outing.
Casual and laid back yet with a touch of girly feminity.
A definite must have in every girl's wardrobe!
ptp 14" to 17" down 33"

$22 Mailed

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[09 Jun 2009|04:11pm]


It's the season to party: Visit Jolivo.livejournal.com
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Beautiful & trendy clothes @ great prices [09 Jun 2009|04:05pm]


Lots of lovely frocks and gorgeous tops @ reasonable prices for petite people.

Please visit us at loef.wordpress.com for more!

Would you like to look like a hot and glam party queen? Or would you prefer to look sweet, simple yet undeniable stylish? What about being one of the most sophisticated ladies walking along the streets? Or perhaps funky with panache?

Look no further! At loef.wordpress.com , we offer you an extensive range of clothes be it office wear, casual or glamorous party wear for you to look effortlessly stylish. The best thing is you wouldn't feel the pinch because our price is so good. C'mon take a look. You wouldn't be disappointed. I promise.

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May Shorty Stories results up....New June poll [01 Jun 2009|08:52pm]
You can find May results here.   The question last month was: Do you think people who encourage alterations over petite sizes just don't understand the real need?

This month's question: Do you think stores like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor/Loft and J.Crew should do a petite campaign to inform people about petite issues and fit?

Poll closes at the end of the month.
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[27 May 2009|10:49pm]

Hey girls! I'm small & my biggest problem is finding jeans that don't fall down to my ankles! I have found that Riverisland do small & short in length size 6 jeans. I love J Brands cords (these can be found on revolveclothing.com) which fit SO snug! & Mango do a UK size 4.

I've just recently moved house & with all these boxes of clothes, I need to make space! I'm a UK size 6, XS, XXS, Petite & UK size 3 (maybe the odd 4-5) in shoes. I'm ebaying my brand new & gently worn clothes at rediculously low price, if anybody is interested (depends on what you like!) but they are all small sizes, so why not have a look! If you're looking for something specific, I may just have it, so let me know. If not, I can recommend where you might find what you're looking for. Happy to help ^_^

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Shorty Stories March Poll Results Live [07 Apr 2009|12:55am]

You can find them here.

Also, not sure if you guys have read about Prospere Magazine's last designer profile.  It isn't necessarily for shorter people, but since many shorter people are smaller-framed (the designer makes bras for smaller-framed women), I thought that you'd be interested in reading about the Little Bra Company.
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America's Next Top PETITE Model [10 Mar 2009|11:53pm]

Yeah...Tyra's serious.  Cycle 13 will be "petites" (they're looking for girls 5'7" or shorter)

I realize that many of the finalists won't be truly petite, but it's better than seeing tons of 5'10" girls. 

There'll probably be some 5'0"-5'4" girls too, I think.

Oh, and the new poll is now up in Shorty Stories
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New group [11 Feb 2009|07:53pm]

Hello everyone! I just wanted to announce the opening of a new community: The Association of Determined Small Women or smalldetermined. This is a group for small women striving towards success and looking for tips on how to get there. I hope to see you all there! 

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Newbie [27 Jan 2009|01:52pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi Everyone!  My name is Alexandra.  I am new to this community but not new to lj.  I am short.  I am 22, almost 23 years old.  I am only 4'11" and I have really tiny feet for my age.  I wear 1-2 1/2 in kids.  I always get mistaken for someone who is much younger (12-16 years old).  Though, I am proud to be petite!!

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December Shorty Stories Results now LIVE! [04 Jan 2009|10:12am]


You can also find the January 2009 poll on the right hand sidebar.


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November Shorty Stories Survey Results [03 Dec 2008|09:00am]

...now live!  And you can find the December question on the right sidebar.


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I'm pregnant! Maternity petites? [22 Nov 2008|08:13am]

I don't usually have too much trouble finding petite clothes because I'm not super-short (over five feet) and very averaged sized otherwise--proportioned 8/10.
But now I'm pregnant, and with the smaller pool of designers to choose from, I'm having a hard time finding maternity petites. Every pair I try on is five/six inches too long!
I don't need too many pairs for something I'll only wear a few months, but I have a professional job and need at least a few good options.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll tailor/hem if I have to, but does anyone know places that have good maternity petites?
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[20 Nov 2008|03:42pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Wow, the background on this page is a bit overwhelming.

I just wanted to share that Delia's has 26" inseams on their jeans! I ordered two pairs and will be getting them on Saturday! I'm so excited, jeans that should actually fit!

Right now, I'm wearing a pair of 16 abercrombie kids jeans and they're STILL too long. Oh my, being 4'11 3/4...

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Thrift-store shopping [06 Nov 2008|02:13pm]

I live 2 blocks from a really great thrift store, and I hope to soon be getting a job where I'll need nice clothes. I'm poor though, so I often get my shopping fix by trying things on at St. Vinnie's then not buying anything anyway :)

So today I found this GREAT suit that was Italian wool crepe (I think...it was thin and soft and fully lined!) in a dark chocolate brown with a long coat that had no buttons. Size XS. It was just beautiful and only $20. So I tried it on. It made me want to go grab a ridiculous string of pearls, a giant hat with a flower, and a pair of size 12 heels since I looked like I was playing dressup with mommy's clothes. I own and know how to use a sewing machine, but I couldn't imagine what alterations would be needed to make this outfit look right. The pants were up around my natural waist, and the crotch was still sagging about 4 inches lower than it should have been. *sigh*
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October Survey Results [02 Nov 2008|11:21pm]

You can find it here now!

This month's question: Banana Republic has just added XXSP to their petite line-up. What do you think about this?
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Shoes! [15 Oct 2008|10:24pm]

Hey guys, I need some advice!

I'm 4'10'' and a size 5 in shoes. I'm currently a junior in college and will be turning 21 in April. For the most part I usually wear flip-flops (spring/summer) and Ugg boots (fall/winter). That is my entire shoe collection, besides a few high-heels and wedges that I wear when I go out. I've realized lately that I need a little more variety, but finding shoes in my size is tough! Anyone shoe-challenged like me? I would love some advice on what anyone with a small shoe size wears on a daily basis (besides Uggs or flip-flops) because it's really time I invest in something else!!!

Thanks for any help!
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Wal-Mart Canada launches petite line! [15 Oct 2008|09:15am]
News release says it's designed to fit "Asian body types" so I gather it means basically anyone who is short and "boy figured."  However, this line isn't available at EVERY SINGLE Wal-Mart store, only in areas where there is a more significant Asian population and only in three provinces (BC, Alberta and Ontario).  This line is NOT currently available in the US.

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