Short Menswear Designer Won't Design for Short Men!

This past week was Fashion Week in Toronto, and I was covering the shows for my blog.  I attended a menswear show and was fortunate enough to meet the designer afterwards.  The guy was TINY - barely taller than me (I'm about 5'2") - so the most logical question was whether he'd ever do an extension of his line especially for guys under 5'8" (even if it's just a few pieces)....he was all about going to the tailor, even though I am VERY, VERY SURE he knows that tailoring doesn't always work.  He also wears his own clothes, so it's not that he doesn't know how to reproportion things for shorter men!  Sad.


the glass is half full

The other day I was trying on a ton of clothes (I work in a boutique, so I always have fun trying on all the new stuff!), and out of the 15 or so items I tried on, only like two or three fit well. This wasn't a surprise, as this is usually the case, but for the first time I realized, "Hey, it's actually a GOOD thing that most of the stuff didn't fit, because if it did then I'd be tempted to buy it all!" I can definitely relate to all the frustrations of stuff not fitting well due to being of a petite size, but I was happy to think of an optimistic take on the matter. haha

On a related note, do the rest of you have issues with rompers/one-piece jumpsuits/playsuits? They seem to be really popular right now, and I love how they look--on other, taller people. haha But whenever I try to wear one, it's always super baggy and too long so it just makes me look frumpy and stumpy. haha

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May Shorty Stories results up....New June poll

You can find May results here.   The question last month was: Do you think people who encourage alterations over petite sizes just don't understand the real need?

This month's question: Do you think stores like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor/Loft and J.Crew should do a petite campaign to inform people about petite issues and fit?

Poll closes at the end of the month.

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Hey girls! I'm small & my biggest problem is finding jeans that don't fall down to my ankles! I have found that Riverisland do small & short in length size 6 jeans. I love J Brands cords (these can be found on which fit SO snug! & Mango do a UK size 4.

I've just recently moved house & with all these boxes of clothes, I need to make space! I'm a UK size 6, XS, XXS, Petite & UK size 3 (maybe the odd 4-5) in shoes. I'm ebaying my brand new & gently worn clothes at rediculously low price, if anybody is interested (depends on what you like!) but they are all small sizes, so why not have a look! If you're looking for something specific, I may just have it, so let me know. If not, I can recommend where you might find what you're looking for. Happy to help ^_^