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God Bless The Little People
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This is a community for the small, and all who love us. Please join and post about your size-related experiences! Tell us a good place to find pants you didn't have to hem, where to find size 5 shoes... even how everyone thinks you are twelve and you are really in your twenties... we'll appriciate them!

But being small is COOL here, so let's not beat up on ourselves or others too much. That is never cool. The community is open to everyone! Yeah!
ALSO Please only post community promotions if the communities involve being short/small, and PLEASE no rating communities. This was voted on by our members , and this is what we decided. I will have to delete all posts containing off-topic communities or rating communitites.

*Also: This community is open to everyone, but if you want to hit on someone or flirt with them or something, maybe you could try their personal journal instead. We want people to feel comfortable talking about their bodies here. Thanks!

Oh, and petitepower is maintained by prettykate, so if you have questions or concerns, let me know!

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